A Guide To Choose Appropriate Clamshell Blisters

Clamshell Blisters, also known as unit-dose packaging is highly acceptable in pharmaceutical industry because of the several benefits it offers. With blister packing it is easier to open medicine, count doses, protect from theft and resist from natural external elements. To make it more feasible it is important that a right type of blister packaging is chosen that works best for medicinal product. Choice of packaging depends on several factors, like how it will hold the product and, intensity of resistance from oxygen and moisture is required. Type of product is also another major factor that determines the choice. Both of them have been classified as per the material they use. Cold-formable: In this type of packaging products are packed with pressed aluminum to create a case for tablets/capsules which then laminated with plastic as a base.

Though aluminum is resistant to many external elements and also possesses high mechanical resistance, but in contrast this metal is has a tendency to deform other materials and create cracks. However including plastic together with aluminum adjusts this problem. This type of pack is opaque, hence is ideal for product that has needs to be protected from light. For a product that need not much protection from light, it can be an ideal selection as it offers wide possibility of creating unique shape plus to show off the product. Whilst type of material is important for blister packaging, the way it would hold the product is another major decision that has to be made carefully. This is because style or shape of pack determines the safety of the content.

It is important to understand for the manufacturers that pharmaceutical packaging is more than creating attractive packing. Some of the common styles are as follows: Face seal blisters: Blisters are firmly attached to the front of cardboard cards. Clamshell packs: These are closed tightly to make them more theft-resistant. They are designed to resist anyone pry open the pack inconspicuously. Blister cards: They available with small pockets that part and clutch a number of pills or content. Choosing a right pharmaceutical packaging is very critical as well as necessary decision for safe ingestion of the medicinal products. Manufacturer need to think beyond choosing a pack that looks good, after all ultimate motive of the product is to provide consumer safety while ingestion of product.

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