Cosmetic Packaging Trends With Clear Boxes

Cosmetics as a fashion consumer, it needs high-quality packaging materials to enhance their social status. Currently, almost all kinds of materials are used in cosmetics packaging, and glass, plastic, metal three materials is currently the main materials used in cosmetic packaging containers, Clear Boxes are commonly used for cosmetic packaging. Continue to develop new materials and new processing technologies, the pursuit of new industry model has been the development of cosmetic packaging containers focus. Material scope of application is not limited to glass bottles, plastic bottles, the application of new materials has become the cosmetics industry to introduce new products, improve existing products in a way.

To the familiar P & G, for example, its new "Zest" brand bath bottle material change in the past on a hard plastic texture, and the choice of a more humane soft hardness of plastic packaging, so virtually, increases the affinity of their products. It can be said, "Zest" the successful launch, and its choice of packaging materials are not unrelated. Similarly, the "Pantene" based on the existing strong brand in the packaging design and materials have improved on a lot of effort, the old brand into a new vitality. Shows, fashion, eye-catching, dynamic, interesting packaging design and the adoption of the new bottle, cosmetics manufacturers will be the decisive end of one of the means. In the field of skin care products, durable, beautiful packaging is endless.

The paste because of its unique manufacturing process one case with an automatic computer system cream machine, the different effects of extract made from spherical particles, filamentous flowers and other shapes, placed in a transparent gel-like little mile, not only crystal clear appearance, stylish appearance, and its essence will be a complete seal, and the use of active metal ion conduction, so that the skin care products than the average cream more quickly and effectively restore the natural vitality of the skin and eliminate skin problems. Designers to consider the aesthetics of its paste, in the choice of bottle packaging, there is tendency to choose the transparency, plasticity, and more solid feel and the same glass, adding to the quality, gloss superior gold, silver cap, given the Crystal Series luxury cosmetics, fashion connotations.

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