Features Of Transparent Plastic Boxes

Stretching Silk Screen Network box A wooden frame, metal frame, Transparent Plastic Boxes, combo box, etc.. Stretching, the first on the screen frame for cleaning, stretching can use manual, mechanical or pneumatic means, after the bond stretching and trimming. Stretching wire tension required appropriate, uniform and stable, to the same wire, to avoid inclined, parallel to the warp and weft yarn respectively. Plate direct method: Screen Cleaning Sensitive adhesive Imaging plate burning Revised Edition. This method of coating time, coating thickness adjustable, combined with strong resistance, printing.

Film with printing down develop foil pieces exposed blade Revised Edition. This method is complex and smooth lines, the film is not strong, anti-Indian power is low, the film thickness change. mixed: Screen Cleaning foil pieces develop Revised Edition proofing. This method is simple, the thickness of the fixed lines and a smoother, more solid. Wire-to-plate short CTS (Computer To Screen). laser ablation-to-plate: first-line coated wire mesh Sensitive adhesive , Photosensitive layer using laser burn, graphic part of the mesh transparent, pre-press system, where computer-controlled ablation, this method can only be used in metal mesh.

laser exposure to plate: the first line in the wire coating photoresist, prepress system computer controlled laser imaging in the Web version, made screen version. This method uses a special light-sensitive plastic plate, a narrow range of ultraviolet light, high cost of laser exposure system. inkjet imaging systems: the first line in the wire coating photoresist, prepress system computer control system to block ink jet ink to the graphic part of the light sensitive layer, and then UV-round exposure. Photo section is not sensitive, flush out the photoresist; blank part of the light-sensitive hardening. This method can be common photoresist, without loss of image detail parts.

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