Say Goodbye To Frumpy Dresses For Mother Of The Bride

When it comes to traditional weddings, the bride's family foots the bill, and the mother helps the bride do all the planning and organizing. But when it comes time for the big day, the mother is generally shunned for the younger, hipper maid of honor, stuck wearing a frumpy dress and sitting down in the pews alongside the rest of the guests. Being the mother of the bride is not an easy role, especially in these modern times, in which brides generally have plenty of opinions as to how they want their perfect wedding day to play out. Luckily, though, as times have changed, so have the Dresses For Mother Of The Bride available to mothers of the bride.

Below, find some great options to help you shine in your daughter's big day. If you're looking to go short, consider a shimmering silver dress that hits just above the knee and is made from shantung fabric and imported polyester. Silver looks beautiful next to white, and will compliment the bride's chosen color scheme no matter what kind of dresses the bridesmaids wear. If you're planning on going short, it's a good idea to have a matching bolero jacket (though any jacket will do; a bolero is stylish, chic and age appropriate) so as to avoid the bare arm syndrome. Shantung dresses come in a variety of colors; a deep plum is also a beautiful shade that looks great with just about any skin tone.

These dresses are great because the bolero is suitable for the church, but once you hit the dance floor, you can take it off for greater movement. A two-piece jacquard suit is also a great option. A skirt and jacket suit is an outfit that never goes out of style, and it's one that looks great at any age. Two-piece suits tend to be favored by middle aged and older women, but rest assured that they look good on just about anyone. A two-piece suit offers the perfect blend of stylish and sophisticated, and adds a big dash of class to any wedding party.

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