Using Different Kinds Of Clamshell Blisters

Whether you are a produce grower, run a packaging department, doing the distribution, or selling the produce you know that the clamshell packaging the produce is packed in is important. There are several kinds of Clamshell Blisters. Vented and non vented clamshell packaging. They each have their uses and different styles to fit your produce packaging needs. Vented clamshell packaging is probably the most common type of produce packaging. Most of these containers are hinged containers with vents cut into the sides.

These containers are great for items such as berries that require air flow. Another kind of vented clamshell package that is popular are the green mesh pint baskets that you often see filled with raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries. Non vented packaging is better for greens and prepared produce such as apple slices or salads. Non vented packaging is also used for a variety of non produce food items. What if you are a small grower. Do you still have the same packaging options? The great news is that you do. Many packaging companies sell wholesale and are willing to sell direct to growers or distributors.

If you run your own small produce business, you are probably the grower and distributor. The kind of packaging you choose will depend on a few different things including the kinds of produce you are growing and how you plan to distribute your produce. If you are running a berry farm for example and selling your berries on site, the green mesh pint baskets are probably your best option. They are inexpensive and can be stored stacked together.

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