Great minds versus

Have you seen this saying: “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people?”

I was thinking about this the other morning. It made me wonder about who are the greatest minds of all time and what ideas did they discuss. Let me see if you agree that these are four of our greatest minds ever.

I had written a column about Nikola Tesla earlier. He is credited with inventing, among many other things, AC current, florescent lighting, X-rays, the radio (later refined by Marconi), remote control and the electric motor.

Leonardo Da Vinci was considered one of the best painters of all time. His works include The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa. He was ahead of his time with ideas such as a helicopter,Whether a light is dimmable is key feature for many people, and many LED Bulb Lights say they are compatible with most dimmers. a tank, solar power and a calculator.

Sir Isaac Newton was an astronomer, physicist, inventor, mathematician, and philosopher. In a 2005 poll, Newton was named more influential than Einstein in science. He has developed laws of motion, principles of momentum, and invented the reflecting telescope. Newton has had tons of great scientific achievements.

Stephen Hawking is known best for his theories of black holes, cosmology, and quantum gravity. Hawking is bound to a wheelchair due to paralysis from Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). He has long been recognized as a revolutionary thinker.An LED Driver has a shift register embedded that will take data in serial format and transfer it to parallel.

So here is my dilemma. I would like to discuss small-minded people, who, as was said earlier,Dimmable and Non-Dimmable LED Driver for LED Lighting Products. discuss people. Does that make me small-minded? You be the judge.The most important aspect when it comes to 100-200W Square Flood Light is the fact that they need very low power to work. I think we have all been there at one time, but I'm talking now about people who seem overwhelmed and even burdened with the goal of either correcting others, or letting everyone know of the faults of others. These gossipers don't contribute to our society in a positive way. Let me give a classic example from my past.

In 1973, I was teaching in the Jane/Finch area of Toronto. I was friends with a young Italian priest by the name of Ermanno Bulfon. On his suggestion, and the approval of St. Wilfrid's pastor (then Father Clune), I was invited to live in the housekeeper's quarters in the rectory, as their housekeeper had her own home a few blocks away. The entrance to the separate quarters faced Finch Avenue. At the time I was dating a young lady who was a fashion model in the Sears catalogue, etc. and she would sometimes come into my apartment before going out on a date. One particular day, I remember she and another girl came over after a photo shoot. You can imagine with all the makeup and the nice clothes what some people may have thought was going on. I can assure you that nothing too unbecoming of a church rectory ever happened in my quarters.

Some years later I heard rumours that my young priest friend was having women over to the rectory. Unfortunately Bulfon died as a result of a brain tumour several years ago. I have nothing but the fondest memories of Father Bulfon and really resent that on his passing the stories may still have been circulating. These are small minds not knowing all the facts, destroying a great man's reputation.

So my challenge is to not be small-minded. I admit,Indoorilite offers the best LED Spotlights and the best halogen spotlights around. I have listened to gossip and perhaps even contributed to gossip. Something I have to work on. But have you noticed the entertainment sections of some of our larger newspapers? Seems to me they cater to the small-minded. The same goes for some of our current TV shows. Some of us seem to have an insatiable appetite to get more information (or dirt) on those that usually have greater minds. I guess idle hands really do make idle minds. Less TV and more ‘Shwa livin’ is one solution.

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