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Food packaging machinery industry with Folding Carton Manufacturer from the following address: Food and packaging machinery industry, although the number of employees and the total number of enterprises more, but the weakness of industry research, industry research institutes, tertiary institutions are also less relevant expertise. Some cutting-edge technology industry such as ultra low temperature, high pressure, membrane separation radiation, vacuum and other institutions alone is unable to complete an urgent need for businesses to invest in capital. In the past to promote the production, study and research the combination of R & D model cannot be successful in the industry, the limited research efforts have not proved fully effective, spark packaging machinery strongly support scientific research.

Brand is the soul of an enterprise. Right now all kinds of machinery products, but do little good brand, why? Some companies do not pay attention to brand, just studying the development, the result is not very good product because of the impact of a good brand and increase market share. A good own brand business, must have reliable quality, excellent service and establish the image of Marketing Publicity, the three indispensable. Not because of production concentration, food and packaging machinery industry and the annual output value Sell Amount of over 100 million yuan of business only a dozen industry-wide best business value and sales of just over 1 billion yuan, only one listed company.

For businesses, industry experts believe that efforts to strengthen the brand development, innovation in the competition, or were only to be eliminated, and this is the second point mentioned brand awareness. We can see Beer Beverage filling production line, corrugated board production line, instant noodle production line, cup filling machine, wide laminating machine, more than 200-liter vats blow molding machine, BOPP Blowing machine , Although the areas of fitness equipment manufacturers a lot, but well-known, large shown a clear focus on sales trends, well-known enterprises, famous brands is forming.

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