Diverse Uses Of Clear Boxes For Various Industries

Clear Boxes can serve your business with a number of unique benefits. One of these is the security offered by clamshell blister packs. The result is a package that resists store tampering and instead needs to be taken home to be opened with scissors. This type of individualized printed packaging also ensures the shelf life of pharmaceutical products. Another benefit is that these packs allow for labeling of each day of the week to correspond with daily doses. Tablet or capsule blister packs are also known as a blister strip. Vancouver blister packs are a specific type of product packaging that comprises pre-formed molded plastic heat over a printed paperboard card. They are most commonly used to package pharmaceutical products, but may also be used to package other small consumer goods.

The single most common use for these packs is packaging drug tablets or capsules in single dose units. These packs are used to package both pharmacy dispensed and over the counter medications. They provide numerous benefits to the manufacturer and the consumer. They enable manufacturers to print specific information on the back of each individual compartment. Consumers can really reap the benefits from information. Blister packaging may prove to be more beneficial to the environment than regular clamshell packaging. While clamshell packaging uses PVC plastic on all sides of its packaging, blister packaging uses other materials other than PVC plastic that are more recycle friendly. Some common examples of this type of packaging would be in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is also used in the consumer goods industry. An extended version of clamshell packaging is known as clamshell blister packaging. This provides transparent and durable features without much expense. It could make use of cardboard blister cards which offer visibility of the product along with protection. There are basically two primary components in a blister packaging such as the plastic blister cavity and the blister card. The product would be encapsulated in the plastic cavity and is sealed within the package using blister cards. The sealing blister packaging and sliding blister packaging is the two forms of clamshell blisters. The sealing blister packaging is fabricated using PVC, rigid films, etc. This type of packaging is comprehensively used in the pharmaceutical industry for protecting tablets and capsules. The packages enhance their shelf life and are user friendly and highly tamper and avoid theft.

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